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A Life-Changing Approach
to Spiritual Evolution


Daily energetic support, and so much more.

The Enlightening Program Includes

The Enlightening Program is a powerful multidimensional vessel of support to accelerate your spiritual evolution. For many, it provides a solution to spiritual stagnation and life blockages — a gateway to a new personal reality.

Live Sessions with Matthew

Live Sessions

with Matthew

As a member of The Enlightening Program, you are invited to attend regular live webinars with Matthew. On average, there are 8-10 of these per month. These 30-60 minute sessions are an opportunity to sit with Matthew as he brings forth new content for courses and other offerings.

If the timing of the live events doesn’t work for your schedule, replays will available for a limited time.

Daily Healing

Matthew has created an extensive library of audio recordings to serve as vehicles for the transmission of energetic healing. Each Daily Healing features one of these special 10-20 minute recordings that you can listen to each day at your convenience.

These sessions may feel like guided practices, meditations, prayers, or channeled wisdom. In fact, they are all these things, and much more. Your job is simple — just put distractions aside, settle in, and receive.

And Much More

The Enlightening Program also includes resources, courses, and events, including:

  • Any course that Matthew is offering
  • Special healing series
  • Guided meditations
  • Knowledge talks, categorized by subject
  • Full episodes of all livecasts and podcasts

Through The Program, you will:

  • Settle in regularly to an active, alive, and restructuring silence. Receive divine healing frequencies that are facilitated by a circle of Ascended Masters of the holy traditions, with support from Mother Earth.
  • Sit with the Ascended Masters, the embodiments of Divinity, who are there to remind you of your essence. Let the material world fade away to reveal the real world. And then watch the material world reconstruct as a part of the real.
  • Witness the silence you experience in meditation awaken into its many forms. Discover a fullness in the silence that is dynamic, creative, loving, and wise.
  • Attune to your own Divine Soul, that part of you that is already fully awake. This attunement cultures the growth of a loving relationship with all parts of your self, including your thoughts, your beliefs, and your feelings.
  • Realize a growth of power over time that brings you a greater creative capacity. Begin to identify solutions more easily due to your relationship with The Divine. Instead of being overwhelmed by frustration, confusion, and doubt, automatically move toward solutions and growth.
  • Experience dialogue from Divine Mother, one of the most profound values of The Divine. She shares profound and timely messages and wisdom, all from a divine perspective.
  • Receive insights from the Ascended Masters from a spiritual healing context. Their embodiment of Divine Love helps to anchor you into the eternal nature of your own sentience.

The Time to Awaken is Now

The Urgency

We see many beings these days, both multidimensional and human, that are blessed with great powers and abilities. However, without the wisdom of the heart they are profoundly disconnected from the Divine qualities of empathy, compassion, love, and forgiveness. This is why spiritual awakening is so important at this time.

True spiritual awakening is not about multidimensional powers, capacities, or perception. It is awakening to the Wholeness of who you truly are, and your relationship with all of creation.

When you anchor deeply into your heart and connect to the profound love that is the nature of your awareness, what you discover is that the reality is more beautiful than any story you could tell about yourself.

The Opportunity

This is an unprecedented time on earth, a unique era of great change and transformation. You have incarnated specifically for this time when the elevated frequencies of Mother Earth are most supportive of your spiritual awakening.

This global awakening is already underway. But it can be accelerated by those on the leading edge. As more and more people start to awaken to The Divine, this serves to help usher others in to deeper values of reality and truth.

What The Program Provides

Energetic healing and support is crucial at this time on earth. It transforms you by nourishing all dimensions of your physiology and awareness. The Daily Healings provide an opportunity to receive these energies of support on a daily basis.

In addition:

  • The sacred space protects you from non-life-supporting influences and multidimensional energies that are currently creating incoherence and instability on a global level.
  • The Enlightening Program also helps you integrate the benevolent cosmic frequencies that are available, like never before, to facilitate your spiritual transformation and awakening.

What People are Saying

Every daily healing message is perfect and deeply appreciated. Some of them have me jumping up and down, clapping and “Yes!!ing” with bliss. I am so willing to be ready. I am so ready. Infinite thanks for blasting out beauties and boons beyond belief.

What a gift! The Daily Healings have become such an important part of my routine and my life. They make me feel connected to divinity, like I’m being bathed in pure love. And the messages that Matthew shares are often just what I need to hear. Thank you for this!

The Monthly Immersion Healing has been powerful for me, fully engaging and deeply absorbing. My whole body slowly submerged in white thick smooth warm energy that continued to flow deliberately and carefully wrapping the entire house. A magnificent experience.

Meet Your Guide

Matthew Reifslager

Matthew Reifslager

Matthew Reifslager is a spiritual and multidimensional healer, teacher, channel, and mentor. He is an experienced energy healer and has lead numerous programs, seminars, workshops, and retreats.

Matthew works with distinct cosmic energies to provide healing and transformation. These include Divine Mother, Archangels, the sentient being that is Mother Earth, and a Circle of Ascended Masters.

Although Matthew’s work is spiritual in nature, it also brings practical and profound benefits in other areas of life — physiological healing, overcoming fear and suffering, transforming your relationship with yourself and others, and more.

Through the The Enlightening Program, Matthew seeks to make Divine blessings, teachings, and transformational resources available to people all around the world.

The Source of the Support

You are both a multidimensional being and a spiritual being. And your full potential is the fulfillment of both of those things. Through the Enlightening Program you have an opportunity to receive profound transformational healing from great ascended beings whose focus is support for humanity in its journey to full awakening.

The Divine

The Divine (or Divinity) is known by many names — Divine Mother, Divine Father, Divine Spirit, Supreme Being, God, and on and on. Divinity is an infinitely loving state of awareness that is fully conscious and awake. It represents the pinnacle of evolution that everything in creation is waking up to. The Daily Healings facilitate Divine energies of healing and support. And Divine Mother often speaks through Matthew to share understanding and wisdom from the highest perspective.

Your Divine Soul

Encoded within you is your full spiritual potential. We call this your Divine Soul. By listening to the Daily Healings, you are attuning to that highest aspect of yourself. In time, through this attunement, you begin to experience life from the perspective of your Divine Soul. Your sense of self expands and your beliefs evolve in alignment with your highest purpose and truth.

The Archangels

Archangels are known in some traditions as Devatas or Spiritual Laws of Nature. They are an aspect of the very essence of The Divine. The Archangelic realm is the home of the awakened laws of nature, those laws that are purely benific. In this context, the Archangels are the Divine grace that is always moving you in an evolutionary direction. The Archangelic energies that are present in the Daily Healings bless your growth in Divine qualities, such as love, peace, gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness.

The Ascended Masters

The Enlightening Program is a home of the Ascended Masters of the holy traditions. These are great multidimensional healers and teachers who have reached the pinnacle of their evolutionary journey. Because they evolved through human incarnations, the Ascended Masters are experts in the human physiology and the evolutionary dynamics of Mother Earth. Their mission and purpose is to aid the awakening of humanity, always in service to The Divine. Matthew works with a circle of Ascended Masters to facilitate the vibrational healing that takes place in the Daily Healings.

New Earth Frequencies

As a human being, your body is literally a cell in the body of Mother Earth. You may notice in recent years that her life-force energy has shifted to a higher frequency and has grown in power and strength. What this means is that her elevated life-force energies are available to support you and help you ride this great wave of human awakening. The new earth energies are fully lively in the vibrational healing.

The Group Consciousness

One of the reasons we offer the option to attend livestream events is that there can be an additional benefit from the collective coherence of everyone connected together. The group shows up into the healing space with a collective intention to be healed, an attitude of surrender, and an orientation to The Divine. The effect is a Wholeness of group consciousness that is more than the sum if its parts. It is an additional multidimensional source of support for those who are available to attend together.

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