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Live Interactive Webinars
and Personal Healings

The Master Circle

Registration opens once or twice per year.
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Live Interactive Webinars and Personal Healings

MT Master Circle

Registration opens once or twice per year.
Click to be notified about the next opening.

Are you committed to your spiritual transformation and awakening?

Register by Tuesday, October 5.

What is the Master Circle?

Live Energy
Healing Sessions

Ongoing, Year-long
Spiritual Support

Multidimensional Assistance
for your Life Vision

The Master Circle is the most powerful spiritual healing that we know of on earth. It is delivered in a format that supports maximum experience and benefit — the ancient rhythms of weekly, monthly, and seasonal transformation and renewal. The Master Circle may be the element you are missing in your spiritual development. The Master Circle is:

  1. Spiritual healing for spiritual awakening
  2. Timely multidimensional resonance healing for your body
  3. Realization of your life’s highest vision by discovering and aligning with the Divine Plan

The Master Circle is more than just a program. It is a powerful multidimensional vessel of support for your love, strength, clarity, physiological coherence, protection, and conscious connection with Divinity.

The unique feature and benefit of the Master Circle is regular, live spiritual healing sessions with Matthew. These transmissions are timely and energetically personalized to you. Your job is simple: just settle in and receive the support.

This program is specifically designed for evolutionary momentum and profound results. Rhythms of nature are utilized to provide optimal quarterly, monthly, and weekly opportunities for healing. Every week there is one event:

  • Seasonal At-Home Retreat: These day-long immersions take place 4 times each year. They include a 40-hour transformational energy transmission and several live telegatherings. This is a precious opportunity to unplug from your daily life and receive a profound seasonal reset.
  • Monthly Energy Activation: You will settle in to a powerful 40-minute Energy Activation each month (except during Seasonal Retreat months).
  • Weekly Healing Session: On the weeks when there is not a Seasonal Retreat or a Monthly Activation, a 30-minute Spiritual Healing Session will take place.

All sessions are broadcast via telegathering. You can dial in on the phone or connect online. If you can’t attend live, don’t worry. Replays are available. And you are always included in the energy transmissions, whether or not you attend live.

We connect for a dive into the energies every week because spiritual growth takes place gradually over time. The seasonal, monthly, and weekly format of the program creates an ongoing energy healing rhythm that supports the momentum of your spiritual growth.

Through the healing you are attuning to spiritual reality. Your subconscious awareness begins to reprogram and relearn in alignment with divine truth and love. You may notice a shift in your perception of who you are and a natural evolution of your beliefs and desires. You may experience a growing clarity about your relationship to the world around you and your highest purpose in life.

The Master Circle is also a co-creative evolutionary journey. Your vision, intention, and attention are powerful tools you will utilize to co-create and direct the healing and transformation you receive. This program is designed to help you understand your life’s purpose. And it propels you forward toward that fulfillment.

Register by Tuesday, October 5.

Through the Master Circle, you will:

  • Settle in regularly to an active, alive, and restructuring silence. Receive divine healing frequencies that are facilitated by a circle of Ascended Masters of the holy traditions, with support from Mother Earth.
  • Sit with the Ascended Masters, the embodiments of Divinity, who are there to remind you of your essence. Let the material world fade away to reveal the real world. And then watch the material world reconstruct as a part of the real.
  • Witness the silence you experience in meditation awaken into its many forms. Discover a fullness in the silence that is dynamic, creative, loving, and wise.
  • Attune to your own Divine Soul, that part of you that is already fully awake. This attunement cultures the growth of a loving relationship with all parts of your self, including your thoughts, your beliefs, and your feelings.
  • Realize a growth of power over time that brings you a greater creative capacity. Begin to identify solutions more easily due to your relationship with The Divine. Instead of being overwhelmed by frustration, confusion, and doubt, automatically move toward solutions and growth.
  • Experience dialogue from Divine Mother, one of the most profound values of The Divine. She shares profound and timely messages and wisdom, all from a divine perspective.
  • Receive insights from the Ascended Masters from a spiritual healing context. Their embodiment of Divine Love helps to anchor you into the eternal nature of your own sentience.

What is Spiritual Healing?


Connection to Divine Energies

Spiritual healing is the highest form of energy healing. Spirit is the collective wholeness of all energy, the domain of Divine Grace. Matthew works with a circle of Ascended Masters to facilitate attunement and healing that you receive directly from Divine Mother, your Divine Soul, Mother Earth, and the Archangels (or Devas).


Attunement to your Divine Soul

Encoded within you is your full spiritual potential. This is your Divine Soul. The healing energies attune you to that unique Divine expression of yourself. With this attunement you begin to grow into experiencing life as your Soul perceives it. Your sense of self expands and your beliefs evolve in alignment with the highest truth and reality.


The Culturing of Divine Qualities

The Archangelic realm is the first expression of Divinity, where fully awakened laws of nature reside. During the spiritual healing sessions Archangelic frequencies work to culture qualities of The Divine in your being and your life. These are divine qualities such as peace, love, gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness.

The Program Format

The collective awareness of humanity is a powerful vibration that profoundly influences all of us, both consciously and unconsciously. As long as we are plugged in to collective consciousness, we are deeply affected by its lack of coherence and peace.

What is needed for spiritual awakening is a disruption of the outward patterns of attention and focus. This makes way for a deep re-patterning of the experience of who you truly are. The Master Circle uses consciousness itself to disrupt this patterning. Through spiritual healing, you simply receive divine healing and blessings as they descend to you. This is a different process than what takes place in your daily meditation.

For spiritual transformation, you must take time to orient to The Divine. The purpose is not to leave the human side of life behind, but to live it fully. When you start seeing clearly you discover you are much more than you thought you were. Through the weekly, monthly, and seasonal rhythm of the program format, you begin to see and know, from direct experience, the fullness of who you are.

The Master Circle includes:

Seasonal At-Home Retreats: These day-long immersions take place 4 times each year. They include a 40-hour transformational energy transmission and several live telegatherings. This is a precious opportunity to unplug from your daily life and receive a profound seasonal reset.

Monthly Energy Activations: You will settle in to a powerful 40-minute Energy Activation each month (except during Seasonal Retreat months).

Weekly Spiritual Healing Sessions: For a couple of years Matthew has been building an extensive archive of audio healings to serve as a vehicle for spiritual healing transmissions. Each Weekly Spiritual Healing Session features one of these special 30-minute recordings. During these events, Matthew tunes in energetically and facilitates targeted healing energies for each member of the Circle. If you are unable to attend live, don’t worry. You are always included in the energy transmissions whether you are dialed in or not.

You can listen to the healing sessions using either of the following options:

  1. Connect to the live telegatherings by phone or online. The Monthly Activations and Weekly Healing Sessions are broadcast on Thursday mornings at 7:00 a.m. (PT). Telegathering times for the Seasonal At-Home Retreats will be announced.
  2. If the timing of the live telegatherings doesn’t work for you, no problem. Replay recordings* will always be available to listen to on the website.

* AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT REPLAYS: The Master Circle program provides a regular rhythm of healing events. Replays are available as an option to attending live. Replays will be available on the website for one week (only) and are not available for download. Master Circle members have one week to listen (or re-listen) to each healing session. Current enrollment in the program is necessary to access replays.

The Master Circle also includes:

Co-creation Through Your Life Vision – You will be encouraged to envision your life purpose and set intentions for its fulfillment. This exercise establishes a direction for blessings to travel to you. By having your regular attention on the vision for your life, you help co-create the healing and transformation that manifests.

Communication to Matthew – Matthew warmly welcomes your experiences and knowledge questions. As a Master Circle member you have access to a special form that goes directly to him. A response from Matthew should not be expected.

The Program Cost

Program Length: The Master Circle is a 1-year program (with a 1 year commitment) that automatically renews each year, for an additional year.

Cancellation: If you wish to cancel, you must do so prior to your next renewal date. Upon cancellation, no full or partial refund for previous payments will be given and you will continue making any outstanding payments due through your current subscription year.

Cost: You may choose between the following cost options:

Annual Payment Plan
$150/mo. (paid yearly)
Monthly Payment Plan
$175/mo. (paid monthly)

Register by Tuesday, October 5.

The Sources of Support

You are both a multidimensional being and a spiritual being. And your full potential is the fulfillment of both of those things. Through the Master Circle you have an opportunity to receive profound transformational healing from great ascended beings whose focus is support for humanity in its journey to full awakening.

Divine Support

The Divine

The Divine or Divinity is the sum total of all evolution for all beings. It is what everything in creation is waking up to. We call it by many names (God, Divine Mother, Divine Father, Divine Soul, Divine Spirit, and on and on).

Divinity is eternal. it is fully conscious. it is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. Not only does Divinity encompass everything in creation, but it also contains all the individual parts.

Divinity is the best possibilities for all beings for all time. Not only is it Divine Love. But it is everything Love would do to take care of everything everywhere for all time and all space. Divinity is wisdom, revelation, clarity, understanding, empathy, compassion, and forgiveness. These are attributes of God.

Your Divine Soul

Encoded within you is your full spiritual potential. This is your Divine Soul. The healing energies attune you to that unique divine expression of yourself. With this attunement you begin to grow into experiencing life as your Soul perceives it. Your sense of self expands and your beliefs evolve in alignment with the highest truth and reality.

It is helpful for your first experience of Divinity to be with Divine Mother, even before you experience your Divine Soul. If you have a relationship with Divine Mother first it can help prevent confusion. In modern spirituality there is the idea that “I am Divine; I am That”, and these are good intentions. But they may not be accurate. The truth is that the experience that you are your Soul is profoundly earned through the evolutionary process. We start with Divine Mother because that relationship is between The Divine and who you are right now.

The Archangels

In this cosmology, the Archangels (referred to in other worldly traditions as Devatas, Spiritual Laws of Nature, and personified as well as qualitative aspects of the Divine) are innate and transcendent. They are part of the very essence of The Divine itself. Divinity is the foundations of the archangelic realm. As soon as The Divine flows, it could be called Archangelic. We could say that the Archangels are the awakened laws of nature. And in this context they are the divine grace that moves us toward evolution.

Even laws of nature go through the evolutionary process. They start as unconscious laws of all possibility and evolve into laws of the best possibility. Just like a human being growing from unconsciousness to profound and infinite benevolence, it is the same evolutionary journey for all of creation.

Multidimensional Support

The Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters of the holy traditions are with us to provide healing and transformation. They are multidimensional healers who facilitate Spiritual Healing and do energy healing work.

The Ascended Masters are oriented to Divinity, to divine love. They have evolved through human incarnations. Because of this they are experts in the human physiology, the human condition, and the evolutionary dynamics of Mother Earth. Their central tenant is the necessary fulfillment of every human being on earth in their journey to The Divine. This is their mission.

New Earth Frequencies

Mother Earth has gone through a profound evolutionary process. You may notice in recent years that the vibration of the earth has shifted, has moved to a higher frequency. Mother Earth has become an awakened planet, a being conscious of her own great Divinity. And with this, her life-force energy has grown in power and strength.

As a human being, your body is literally a cell in the body of Mother Earth. In fact, your full human potential resides in her subtle light bodies. What this means is that her elevated life-force energies are available to you. They can help you ride this great wave of human awakening. We take full advantage of this in the Master Circle healing sessions by grounding energetically to Mother Earth’s support.

Spiritual Healer Matthew

Matthew’s life work is as a spiritual and multidimensional healer, teacher, guide, and channel. He serves as the architect of the transmission processes for the healing sessions. And he works with the Ascended Masters to facilitate the divine frequencies of healing that take place.

For many years The Divine, in the form of Divine Mother, has worked with Matthew and spoken through him. Often, during the Master Circle healing sessions, while subtle healing energies are at work, Divine Mother shares timely wisdom and understanding with the group. Even though you are not focussed on learning knowledge with the program, this supplemental commentary can provide context for, and even enhance your subjective experience.

The Group Consciousness of the Master Circle

One of the reasons we offer the option to attend the Master Circle healing sessions as live teleconferences, is that there can be an additional benefit from the collective coherence of everyone connected together. The group shows up into the healing space with a collective intention to be healed, an attitude of surrender, and an orientation to The Divine. The effect is a Wholeness of group consciousness that is more than the sum if its parts. It is an additional multidimensional source of support for those who are available to attend live.

Support Through Co-creation

Your vision, intention, and attention are powerful tools that allow you to co-create and amplify the support and transformation you receive. You may have heard: “what you put your attention on grows” or “energy flows where attention goes”. This is a powerful law of nature.

This program is not about healing what ails you, but about empowering the powerful within you. When the highest, most powerful part of you grows, all other aspects of you are nurtured and healed. This is the central pillar and thrust of the multidimensional support that the program provides.

When you settle into the healing sessions, you enter the environment of your Higher Self. This is that part of you that is always awake to the truth. It is the part that grows into a great embodied master being.

During the healing sessions, your job is simple. Have the intention to connect with that highest part of yourself, whether it feels like a big part of you or just the smallest glimmer. When you orient to and strengthen the love and the witness value, all elements of your deeper being, (including those that may feel disregarded or unacknowledged) come forward to be nourished. This is how true healing takes place.

As part of the Master Circle program, you will be guided through a process to establish a life vision for yourself. This provides a direction for the blessings to flow. You will also create monthly intentions designed to move you toward fulfillment of the vision you are holding.

Register by Tuesday, October 5.

Now is the Time!

This is an unprecedented time on earth, a unique era of great change and transformation. You have incarnated specifically for this time when spiritual awakening is most supported.

Energetic support is crucial right now. Rather than working through the conscious mind, it works through subconscious energy. This is energy that is not visible to the conscious ego, but is always felt by the whole physiology.

The Master Circle serves us in two ways:

  • It provides protection from non-life-supporting influences, multidimensional energies that are currently creating incoherence and instability on a global level.
  • And it provides integration of benevolent multidimensional frequencies that provide you, like never before, with the opportunity for spiritual transformation and awakening.

This global awakening is already underway. But it can be accelerated by those on the leading edge of awakening. This will serve to help usher others in to deeper values of truth and reality.

True spirituality is not about awakening to greater powers, capacities, or perception. True spirituality is awakening to unconditional love and your relationship with your Self and all of creation.

We see many beings, both multidimensional and human, that are blessed with powers and abilities. But without the wisdom of the heart they are profoundly disconnected from empathy, compassion, love, gratitude, peace, and forgiveness. This is why these qualities are considered the cornerstone of the ancient wisdom traditions. And it is why spiritual awakening is so important at this time.

Your heart sits in the middle of your spinal column. It physically, energetically, and symbolically sits in the very center of your physiology. When you are anchored deeply in your heart, you are connected to the deep and profound love that is the nature of your awareness.

What you discover is that the reality of who you are is more beautiful than any story you could tell about yourself.

Register by Tuesday, October 5.

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