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The Master Circle provides a cocoon of support to accelerate your awakening and promote your well-being. As a member of the Master Circle you will participate in special healing and awakening sessions with Matthew, and receive individualized attention and support.

The Program Format Includes

Morning Calls with Matthew

These morning teleconferences with Matthew are an opportunity for members of the circle to gather and receive energy activations and support. These 15-20 minute calls will take place most weeks on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays beginning January 11th.

You have the option to join Matthew live at 7:00 a.m. (PT), or attend a replay teleconference at 5:30 p.m. (PT). Recordings are also available (for a limited time) if the teleconference times don’t work for you.

Personal Attunements

As a part of the Master Circle, Matthew personally oversees your assimilation of the cosmic activations. You are encouraged to let him know if you experience any challenge or roughness so he can provide you with additional support.

Support for Your Personal Intentions and Goals

Your intentions are a very important aspect of the healing and support you receive. By setting clear intentions and goals for yourself, your loved ones, and the world, you co-create the healing and transformation. Matthew will personally read and support the intentions you send in each month.

Free Access to Courses and Healing Programs

Master Circle members are given free access to any courses or programs that Matthew is offers through the MT Portal.

Direct Communication with Matthew

You will be provided with a special form that you can use to send messages directly to Matthew. He welcomes your questions and experiences.

Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions with Matthew may be available from time to time (exclusively to members of the Master Circle). Personal sessions are not required or even encouraged. They are simply available for Master Circle members who desire them.

Four Pillars of Support

1A Sacred Space to Receive Blessing

The Master Circle acts as a cocoon of energy and consciousness that provides you with a safe, protected space to receive healing and blessing.

2Multidimensional Activations

The Master Circle provides energy activations that are communicated directly to your energy bodies from Divine Mother, the Divine Soul, Divine Mother Earth, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters.

3Attunement to Spiritual Reality

This program provides an evolution of your belief system, not through challenge, but through nourishment. It works through energy and through touching the deepest places in your mind, your heart, and your past.

4Support for Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

The Master Circle Program acts as an incubator of the seeds of wisdom, multidimensional memory, and the potential of your life. It is a vessel for your personal fulfillment as well as the fulfillment of your community and world family.

“Matthew Reifslager’s Master Circle is so beneficial at this point in our culture. With so much upheaval and confusion in the world, it has provided me with foundational energetic support for the past 3 years that keeps me centered in my own Being and nourishes me on a deep level. I highly recommend it.”

— Judy De La Rosa, Austin, Texas

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