A Life-Changing Approach
to Spiritual Evolution

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A Life-Changing Approach to Spiritual Evolution

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What is Multidimensional Transformation (MT)?

MT is an online portal for profound energetic healing and multidimensional support. For many, MT provides a solution to spiritual stagnation and life blockages — it’s a gateway to a new personal reality.

MT Membership

MT Membership includes online access to Daily Healings and Monthly Activations, as well as special series, meditations, conversations, podcasts, and more.  Learn More

The Master Circle

The Master Circle provides an opportunity for a higher level of engagement with Matthew. It includes live, interactive Energy Healing Webinars and Personal HealingsLearn More

The Mentorship

Each year, Matthew mentors a select number of individuals through exclusive in-person retreats, regular Zoom meetings, and private sessions. By invitation and application only.  Learn More

Meet Matthew

Matthew Reifslager

Matthew Reifslager is a spiritual and multidimensional healer, teacher, channel, and mentor. He is an experienced energy healer and has lead numerous programs, seminars, workshops, and retreats.

Matthew works with distinct cosmic energies to provide healing and transformation. These include Divine Mother, Archangels, the sentient being that is Mother Earth, and a Circle of Ascended Masters.

Although Matthew’s work is spiritual in nature, it also brings practical and profound benefits in other areas of life — physiological healing, overcoming fear and suffering, transforming your relationship with yourself and others, and more.

Through MT, Matthew seeks to make Divine blessings, teachings, and transformational resources available to people all around the world.

“MT is a cocoon of support. It’s a safe harbor from the chaos of collective consciousness. It’s a place where our being can align with its nature, with Divine presence.”

The Time to Awaken is Now

The Urgency

We see many beings these days, both multidimensional and human, that are blessed with great powers and abilities. However, without the wisdom of the heart they are profoundly disconnected from the Divine qualities of empathy, compassion, love, and forgiveness. This is why spiritual awakening is so important at this time.

True spiritual awakening is not about multidimensional powers, capacities, or perception. It is awakening to the Wholeness of who you truly are, and your relationship with all of creation.

When you anchor deeply into your heart and connect to the profound love that is the nature of your awareness, what you discover is that the reality is more beautiful than any story you could tell about yourself.

The Opportunity

This is an unprecedented time on earth, a unique era of great change and transformation. You have incarnated specifically for this time when the elevated frequencies of Mother Earth are most supportive of your spiritual awakening.

This global awakening is already underway. But it can be accelerated by those on the leading edge. As more and more people start to awaken to The Divine, this serves to help usher others in to deeper values of reality and truth.

What MT Provides

Energetic healing and support is crucial at this time on earth. It transforms you by nourishing all dimensions of your physiology and awareness. The MT Daily Healings provide an opportunity to receive these energies of support on a daily basis.

In addition:

  • The sacred space of MT protects you from non-life-supporting influences and multidimensional energies that are currently creating incoherence and instability on a global level.
  • MT also helps you integrate the benevolent cosmic frequencies that are available, like never before, to facilitate your spiritual transformation and awakening.

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