Master Transformation Program

With Matthew Reifslager

Beginning January 20, 2020


Energetic protection and multidimensional support to help you fulfill your life purpose.

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Enjoy listening to the replay of Matthew’s January 12th Introductory Telegathering

About the Master Transformation Program

Matthew has been given a vision for the next few years of critical energetic support and blessings from Divine Mother, Mother Earth, and the Ascended Masters. During this unprecedented time, Matthew is offering the Master Transformation Program to provide valuable energetic protection and multidimensional support that will help you fulfill your life purpose.

The Master Transformation Program provides a sacred space, a cocoon of protection and support where you can receive blessings and healing from the higher cosmic energies. This program is not about practices and techniques. It is about simply receiving the energies that Matthew facilitates, and enjoying the added benefits created by the group consciousness of everyone connected together.

Another important aspect of the program is support for your own individual needs, desires, and intentions. You will establish goals and intentions for yourself at the beginning of each month that help you to co-create targeted support for your own healing, awakening, and empowerment.

The program format includes (3) telegatherings with Matthew per week, every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Most of the calls will be 15-20 minutes in length, however some will be longer 40-60 minute Activations. (see schedule below).

You have (3) options for when to listen to the calls:

  1. You can join Matthew live each day at 7:00 a.m. (PT). Matthew recommends this, if you can.
  2. Or attend a replay telegathering at 5:30 p.m. (PT).
  3. If neither of the above options work for you, recordings will be available so you can listen anytime.

4 Pillars of the Master Transformation Program

  • Fulfillment of your Dharma and Life Purpose on Earth. The purpose of the Master Transformation Program is to help you fulfill your purpose. The MTP acts as an incubator of the seeds of wisdom, multidimensional memory, and the potential of your life. The MTP is a vessel for your own personal fulfillment, and for the fulfillment of your community and your world family.
  • Support for your personal intentions and your goals for healing and awakening. 1) Direct support of your vision for the fulfillment of your own potential, and 2) Support for refining your intentions so they are in greater alignment with your Soul’s wisdom and desires.
  • An unfolding energy curriculum (activations) and knowledge curriculum (attunements). The curriculum of the Master Transformation Program comes from Divine Mother, the Divine Soul, Divine Mother Earth, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters. It is both energetic and conscious. That means that it is a direct communication to your energy bodies. It is full of useful and profound understandings about the nature of reality and the self, and how to function in the world during this most critical time on earth.
  • A cocoon of support at this critical on earth.

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Program Format (January-June 2020)

Nine Spiritual Activation Teleseminars
These 40-60 minute Teleseminars will anchor the program with energy activations and commentary. These special calls will always take place on Mondays.

Live Morning Calls with Matthew
The MTP Morning Calls are an opportunity for integration of the activations and frequent connection with powerful, nourishing spiritual energy. These 15-20 minute calls take place on Mondays (except activation days), Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. On average, one week per month we will play replays of the most powerful calls from the previous weeks.

Support for your Goals and Intentions
Your goals and intentions are a very important part of the Master Transformation Program. They are supported by the healing energies that Matthew facilitates. In order to keep your intentions lively in your awareness, you will be asked to review them each month using a special form.

Schedule of Events

In addition to the Activations below, there will be Morning Calls every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (except on activation days).

Activation Dates Description
January 20 Activation #1
February 17 Activation #2
March 2 Activation #3
March 16 Activation #4
April 6 Activation #5
April 20 Activation #6
May 18 Activation #7
June 1 Activation #8
June 15 Activation #9


The Master Transformation Program is an ongoing subscription program organized into 2 modules per year. Twice per year (in January and July) the program opens for new people to join, or anyone who wishes to drop out. The cost is $900 biannually. You have the option to pay $900 every 6 months or $150 per month.

Registration closes at midnight (PT) on Friday, January 17th.

Time left to register


A Message From Matthew

“The Master Transformation Program is the establishment of a sacred space for the transmission of higher energy, of higher knowledge, of the awakening of the heart.

“What we are doing here is very specific. It’s the property of the Masters’ guidance. It’s my work to show up in service to you and in service to their example. It’s not even their energy we’re working with, it’s cosmic energy and the energy of your higher consciousness, what we call divinity.

“This program is a sacred space, a sacred container to support the transformation you are seeking — the unique waking up, the unique discovery and embodiment that would make incarnating worth it, that would make consciousness waking up through your physiology worth it — worth it to God, worth it to Being, worth it to Light.

“I might describe this as a program, but that’s not the most ideal description. This is a vessel. It’s a sacred space. It’s a space for your physiology to step into and then receive directly from. And when we step in together, we invoke many energies. We call them. We honor them.

“These energies are not abstract forms — Divine Mother, Divine Father, Archangels, The Masters, Mother Earth, the Divine Soul. All of these are very real, concrete realities. We could say they are places or spaces.

“And you are waking up to these energies, to these patterns of being, to this nourishment that is both coming from your higher self in this moment, and from the source that you emerge from in this moment. You are waking up to what you are, the wholeness of what you are, the full expression of your life.

“And let me be clear. These are practical energies. They nurture us in ways that are so fundamental, so key that it can be like receiving something that is as ancient as anything we have experienced. So natural.

“When we receive this level of support; when we step into space that is this sacred, transformational, and sustained, it is like stepping into fertile soil. In it all good things grow.

“And so it is fundamental. In many ways it’s more fundamental than techniques or practices, because before we were conscious enough to practice techniques, as young children, all we could do was receive love, receive nourishment, receive as if from the soil. And that is what is happening in this space; in this sustained, sacred space.

“My job is to work in the domain of energy and consciousness that connects us all. My job is to work specifically with the dynamics of each and every physiology that I am blessed to work with. And it is also to work with the wholeness of the collective that I am fortunate to work with.

“This is my invitation to you — to step into the support of this sacred vessel, this cocoon of energy and consciousness. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.”


Why this Program is Important and Timely

Protection is needed from destructive energies
This is a time of great evolutionary change on Mother Earth. As the planet slowly reaches a vibrational apex, our sensitive crystalline physiologies need protection and integration as much as they need opening and awakening.

Integration and support for your human physiology is timely
The physical and energetic events happening on the planetary, solar, and galactic levels are significantly impacting human consciousness. Although most of these events are inherently life-supporting, they can create strain on the level of experience and an inflammatory response in the body that leads to confusion and potential physiological crisis. The Ascended Masters work to comprehensively integrate these energies into the physiology for vitality and clarity.

Assistance is necessary to safely purify your nervous system
As you evolve rapidly, repressed and constricted stresses lodged deep in your nervous system come up for healing. The Master Transformation Program acts as a cocoon for mitigating the adverse effects of deep-rooted stress release.

To strengthen the self-referral connection between your mind and your soul is essential
More than ever, you need centeredness and connection to your own self-referral wisdom. The Masters are not here to be a gateway to wisdom, but to be a source of energetic affirmation and attunement for accessing your own innate gifts and wisdom directly.

To experience love and self-love
When you develop a habit of deep receiving, you discover the love and the self-love that is always there, but not always felt. What is needed is to repeatedly be in a space of attunement and alignment, with guidance and care, with the right words and the right silence, so your physiology can rest in the resonance of the love that’s already present.

To remove blockages to powerful action
We step into the sacred space to help remove blockages that give rise to the ambivalence and uncertainty that prevent powerful action. The Masters encourage dynamic action. Although this program is spiritual in nature, it’s not spirit for spirit’s sake, it’s spirit for the world’s sake, for your life’s sake.

To nuture your physiology and strengthen your health
This program is for your physiology, for your health, because so much of the stress and strain you experience comes from the fundamental uncertainties you feel in the depths of your being. When you enter the cocoon of support that the program provides, you sit in a space that nurtures you and promotes healing.

To align with the new, elevated energies of the earth and cosmos
New energies are available to us, both through the resonances of environment and Mother Earth, and also through guidance, through support, and through our own higher centers.

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