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One-on-one intensive work with Matthew
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There is a divine plan that you a part of. This plan contains the story of your life and every possible version of your future. To know your role in this divine plan is the most sacred Vision a human being can have. It increases the likelihood you will live your highest potential.

Knowing your role, not just with your mind, but with your heart and soul, immediately changes your life, sometimes radically. Everything becomes miraculously infused with new meaning, sacredness, love, purpose and synchronicity. And not just once, but again and again: a source of daily renewal, purpose, and vitality.

To live this Vision is worth everything you’ve ever been through, and everything you will ever go through. Our work together is to help you directly experience and know the Vision of your life as a part of the divine plan that cares for all of us.

I am fully committed to working with you to fulfill the vision of the divine, beyond current imagination.

Because the best of what you are capable of is not what you can imagine for you, but what God can imagine for all of us, through you.

– Matthew

Know the Vision.
Love the Vision.
Live the Vision.

Hello dear one,

You are here because you are familiar with (and already know the effectiveness of) my work as a healer and guide. (If you’re not, please visit for many ways of engaging in your healing, awakening and transformation.)

The Why

Generally, you’ll work with me one-on-one for three reasons:

  1. Breakthrough
  2. Miracle
  3. Legacy (maximizing your life’s gifts to the world)

The Who

I work one-on-one with those who have the desire and imminent potential to positively affect human collective consciousness in a leveraged, meaningful way. Leaders come in many forms. I am not focused on your form. I am focused on your heart. I am committed to supporting you in supporting yourself and others. This is how I contribute to life in a leveraged, meaningful way.

(I understand that you may be coming to work with me because of a crisis you are going through, but one thing you should know about crisis is it should be seen as a stepping stone to the fulfillment of your higher potential and next adventure. Your first goal with crisis, then, is to evolve yourself in order to live its gifts.)

The Work

I work in three-month engagements. I only work with a few people at a time, so that my attention remains energized, whole-hearted and undiluted. You become a part of my process of inquiry with the Divine. My internal resources and gifts commit to your well-being far beyond the actual time spent one-on-one together. I ask my clients to go deep for themselves, and I do the same for you.

My approach is overtly spiritual. I see you as a special part of the divine plan. There is a divine vision that you carry that your entire mind and body ache to align with and know. When you are aligned with it, miracles happen naturally.

We won’t tiptoe around terms like God, the Divine, your Soul, and your Divine Purpose because we want to go into the very heart and reality of what these words point to. This takes immersion, understanding, surrender, trust, and a relentless commitment to knowing your true depths as tangible and alive: centrally important to your existence, and inextricably connected to your potential.

We will spend time getting to reveal how you are uniquely (and not-so-uniquely) built—mentally, emotionally, multidimensionally, spiritually. You’ll see yourself with a new level of empathy, appreciation, energy, and awe. You’ll see ‘what is’ (currently), what’s possible (your potential), and the hidden connective tissue between what is and what’s possible (the miracle).

There are a few essential truths that you must discover and know cognitively, somatically, intuitively, and spiritually. As you know them more completely, you will empower your being and your action.

Alignment between being, thought, feeling, and action (awareness, attention, action).

Vision, in a spiritual and multidimensional sense, is partly given, and partly received. It is partly what is, and partly what can be. In order to know what can be, we must know as accurately as possible what is.

The Way

Our three months together start with two immersive days in Austin. (I highly recommend you travel to see me in-person for these two days. I prioritize working with those who can come to see me in-person over those who cannot for these two days, except in rare circumstances.)

We then continue to grow through deep sessions (about two hours each) scheduled about every two weeks though the rest of our intensive (five of these sessions in total). These sessions may be done either in person, or via phone or video conference.


The fee for working with me in a three-month engagement is $85,000. Full payment is due in advance.

You may find working with me is expensive or very affordable, depending on your level of financial wealth. Regardless, I ask that you only apply to work with me if the cost is achievable for you. Don’t go into debt or ask for a scholarship. I have more affordable and even free offerings that I also put my full heart into and encourage you to explore these as alternatives to one-on-one work.

You should already have figured the money part of your life out, or at minimum not have it be a central reason for working with me.

Application & Registration Process

When you apply to work with me, I will ask you to write about 1,000 words (cumulatively) about yourself, your past, your needs and desires, your assessment of your current situation, your ideal envisioned future, and what you are seeking in our intensive together.

I ask the above of everyone, no matter your background, qualifications, or commitment to change. It’s for me, yes; but it’s also for you.

I will receive it and promise to absorb it in a generous and empathetic heart space and a deep commitment to serve your highest good.

If I get the internal green light, we’ll set up a brief phone call to discuss the best way to proceed and confirm dates for our first two days together. (The first two days must be done consecutively.)

If you are going through an urgent crisis, you may instead contact my assistant for further instructions on applying. Otherwise I strongly encourage you to go through the full application; you’ll benefit the most this way.


We determine toward the end of our three months together if our work is complete, or if we will continue in a new three-month engagement after our current one concludes, which will again be anchored with another two-day, one-on-one immersion.

We should expect going in that our work together will have a natural beginning and endpoint. We favor the three-month commitment structure for maximum effectiveness and for the fulfillment of targeted outcomes in a timely way.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the structure of the one-on-one work
My offer here is simple, as outlined above. A two-day one-on-one intensive supported by multiple deep sessions. I’ll be in regular, supportive contact with you between our scheduled sessions. You’ll have access to direct communication with me.

On the price of the work
The fee is non-negotiable. If you are very wealthy, and feel my fee is low, you are encouraged to donate additionally to nonprofit initiatives. If you think my fee is high, you’re undervaluing both my potential impact on your life, and your potential impact on the lives of others. (You may also not be financially qualified at this time for one-on-one work with me.)

On travel to Austin
I provide the meeting space for our intensive in Austin. You will be responsible for your own travel arrangements. If there is a reason that travel to Austin isn’t feasible for you, we can do the work remotely via video conference, but with strong encouragement to block your entire calendar for those two days, including evenings, for integration, absorption, and reflection.

On scheduling single sessions instead of three month engagements
I am not available for individual sessions or shorter engagements.

On how soon we can start together
There is often a wait before we can begin our engagement together. I will do my best to accommodate urgent situations, and yet request your patience and understanding that I may not be available to begin working with you immediately.

On if I work with couples
This offer is one-on-one. I love working with couples, but work with each individual separately, in sovereign engagements for each.

If you have other questions, my staff is available via the contact form below.

The Chrysalis

The Chrysalis is the womb-like, transformational space a caterpillar enters in the natural process of becoming a butterfly. It is a symbol of our work together and the natural evolution we experience as multidimensional and spiritual beings. My sacred vow is to support the Divine Plan as it expresses through the different facets of your soul’s life. With great celestial assistance, I create a safe and miraculous space for the Divine to reveal itself fully to you in the immense aliveness of your consciousness.

A Final Note

This life is so special. Your life is so special! I want you to access the resources of your full heart through your open mind—your direct and unique access to the divine love that is your birthright, and that manifests creatively as inspiration, vision, and a vitality anchored in the transcendent. We don’t have time for cynicism, inherited skepticism, victimhood, nihilism or confused wallowing. We don’t have time to be overwhelmed by crisis. Your life is too precious. Life itself is too valuable.

Let’s be fully committed to the divine plan through you.

In love,

Matthew Reifslager

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