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Weekly Brief – January 15, 2023

Here you will find:

1) A REFLECTION: timely exploration of an aspect of spiritual and multidimensional awakening

2) A MESSAGE: transformational perspective that I’ve received recently

3) An UPDATE: on what’s happening

I am calling this the Weekly Brief, in part because I will be in touch with you regularly, and in part to keep it on the briefer side (which I might even sometimes achieve).

Let’s begin!

on channeling, ascended masters, and the celestial realms

Channeling has many connotations, associations, and definitions in New Age and awakening circles, as it should. One channel does not necessarily engage the same mechanisms or processes in consciousness that another channel will. Channeling is as broad a word as meditation.

Communication between two people is already complex (just ask your spouse); communication between beings living in multidimensional realms existing in different evolutionary states, physiological parameters, and corresponding ‘worldviews’ is even more so. So consider this an introductory exploration of my channeling.

To ground our discussion in a concrete example, we’ll use humanity’s relationship with the ascended masters to illustrate the mechanics of channeling.

Ascended masters are the great guides, guardians and gurus of the earth that reside in the celestial realms — the grandmothers and grandfathers of the holy traditions of the world. They evolved through the natural process of human evolution, and so their compassion and care for the human race is absolute. They care for each of us as a wise grandmother or grandfather cares for their grandchildren. Their power reflects a deep comprehension and mastery of the true capacity of human potential — hence the honorary title of master that some give them. Note that I have never heard one referring to themself as a master; they are humble.

Understanding ascended masters and their role in human evolution is critical to seeing the way forward for humanity in the coming decades. So I will be writing much more about them in the future.

When I channel the ascended masters I work with, I am generally in a state of conversation with them, as you might be with a wise elder in their living quarters. But it is not taking place in the physical dimension. It is taking place in a field of consciousness.

When I am in these conversations, I am lucid and present. In fact, I am in a state of heightened presence and awareness. I perceive the dimensional realities where the ascended masters reside, both as thought and image, but also as a deeper quality of embodied vibration and immersive experience.

The thoughts and emotions of my foundational mind and ego remain present but distinct. This is similar to how one may differentiate between emotions and physical sensations, or between automatic thoughts (those unasked for, but that arise spontaneously) and intentional thinking (those directed by attention). All of these experiences share the common bond of existing in the field of personal consciousness, but they are also markedly different, and with practice, easy to distinguish.

We live in a multidimensional creation, and these dimensions are interactive and interwoven. It has always been this way, but in our modern culture we do not have a framework for multidimensionality, as parallel indigenous and esoteric cultures and traditions do. Indeed, a painful limitation in our modern Western culture is that the entire realm of human, consciousness-based technology is dismissed. With this dismissal we lose our connection to potential growth and sacred resources that are here to help our species.

The celestial realms are of a greater evolutionary complexity than the one humanity currently resides in. It’s similar to how your nervous system is of a higher-order power and complexity than an individual neuron. The celestial realms are born of the natural process of evolution, the same natural law that supports and upholds us.

The term celestial refers to a higher-vibration multidimensional state than one we are in. If the multidimensional universe were described as a building with many floors, a celestial realm would simply refer to a higher relative floor than the one we are on.

Understand that with practice, the multidimensional realms are available to you, and they should not be treated as a novelty. Even now, they are fundamentally woven into the structure of your physiology. Your human physiology is multidimensional in nature.

When I channel ascended masters, I am doing so not as a gifted adept but as an example of what could be the norm for humanity. All of us have the intrinsic ability to interact with and benefit from the presence of ascended masters —guides and teachers of the sacred and of love — because an ascended master is the natural outcome of a human being growing in maturity and wisdom.

One could say that we are all ascended masters, in youthful garb.

The ascended masters share a healing perspective on letting go of old and unhealthy relationships

“This is a message for some, not all. You know this is a message for you if you feel inspired to act upon hearing it.

“You are a multidimensional being, and it is time to completely embrace this truth. It may mean breaking away from the comfort of the shared reality you have with your current peer group. This can be lonely. But be willing to leave behind old beliefs that you recognize now are not actually true.

“The heartbreak of letting old beliefs go is real, and should be honored. For it is often not the beliefs themselves that are so hard to let go of, but the relationships with others who share those beliefs that you see are no longer true to you, due to your growth.

“Whether you are aware of it or not, most bonds with other people require a shared view of reality.

“For you to fully step into your more truthful view of reality — your truth — may mean a great wave of disruption before you can enjoy the sweetness of your newfound clarity and the power generated by living in your integrity. Integrity is action aligned with truth.

“Put plainly, some relationships will need to end in order for you to move forward with this next chapter of your life. Trust that these relationships will conclude naturally, when you realize that a relationship that doesn’t support you in living your truth is not ultimately sustainable anyway.

“On the deepest level of the heart, relationship with your previous peer group will still be illuminated in love. But in the dynamism of the life that awaits you, it requires activating the relationships of those that are aligned in shared vision with you.

“New relationships will quickly come forward to fill any void. These relationships will feel old and ancient and strong… because they are. You are ready to participate fully in your next evolution of life, but it requires opening to the new relationships that will help to establish you within it.

“Enjoy the change. When you make the leap that is directed by your Heart’s wisdom, you will find that the next step materializes before you land. In fact, that step has always been there, but it has been hidden by old doubts and beliefs. With those fallen away, step after step reveals itself to you, and the new life and the new world are built.”

on what’s happening

The above sections are pretty long, so I’ll keep this short.

Alessandra (my wife) and I have been based in the Arizona desert the last couple of months, getting quiet and clear. And I’ve been preparing with my team for a very big 2023!

In upcoming newsletters, I’ll share with you more about what is happening with our initiatives and projects.

In the meantime, I invite you and your dear ones to enjoy a free healing webinar I’ll be leading on Friday, January 20th.

I’m really excited to share more with you, but I promised I’d (try to) be brief.

Until next time.

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