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Weekly Brief – May 2, 2023

Here you will find:

1) New video clip

2) Free Livecast Sunday May 7th

3) Member news


Orienting to Divinity as Love

Matthew talks about the significance of the name Divine Mother, and how even the name is a powerful gateway to Divine Consciousness.


Join Matthew for a session of deep meditation, insight, and healing. Reconnect, reset, recalibrate, and remember.

Transformation with Matthew

Sunday, May 7
8:00 a.m. (PT)

If you can attend live, there is an added benefit from the coherence of the group. If you can’t attend live, no problem. There will be a replay.

You are also welcome to invite friends to join. Just send them this link to sign up:


Upcoming Daily Healings:

• The Divine Nature of Your Intentions
• You are the Process of Divinity
• The Important Role of Understanding
• Remembering Reality

NEW Immersion Healing for May:

This month we are featuring an energy activation to support your capacity to manifest. It is about 45 minutes in length.

IMPORTANT: There is a new URL to access your membership login page. Please bookmark this link.


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