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Weekly Brief – May 30, 2023

Here you will find:

1) Free Livecast
2) New Video Clip
3) Member Update


Join Matthew for a session of deep meditation, insight, and healing. Reconnect, reset, recalibrate, and remember.

Sunday, June 4
8:00 a.m. (PT)

Register to attend the live event or listen to the replay.

You are also welcome to invite friends to join. Just send them this link to sign up:


Seeing Reality Clearly

In this 16-minute video clip, Matthew talks about the importance of opening our awareness to the way that reality is structured — to the multidimensional nature of creation.


Upcoming Daily Healing Sessions:

• Timely Healing and Blessings
• Meet the Love Inside of You
• The Innocence of Consciousness
• Opening to the Miraculous

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