The Enlightening Program is something unprecedented: a daily invitation into a living portal of profound and timely energetic support.

It is an opportunity birthed of the unique circumstances of this time on earth, in service to who you truly are beyond your limited human identity.

This program will help your spiritual and multidimensional awakening, now. Its purpose is to awaken a conscious relationship to God in your Heart, to help you to reconnect with the great being that you are beyond birth and death, and to spontaneously support self-love and inner strength.

The Enlightening Program offers regular immersion in advanced energy healing protocols. The daily calls are a gift from Divine Mother and the Ascended Masters.

The following video is a replay of Matthew’s livecast where he introduced the program. If you haven’t watched it, please take some time to do so. If you feel this program is for you, use the button at the bottom of the page to register. Please don’t share this invitation with others. This program is by invitation only.

Registration will close on Wednesday, December 20th at midnight Pacific Time.

About the Program

The heart of participation in The Enlightening Program is through Live Daily Healings. These morning teleconferences take place 4-5 days per week at 7 a.m. (PT). For those who cannot attend live, replays are available.

“We call it The Enlightening Program — not enlightenment, but enlightening. Enlightening is the action of light. And what light does is awaken, illuminate, and dispel the darkness.

“The Enlightening Program is a project of the Ascended Masters of the Holy traditions. They invoke Divine Mother and engage the physiology and consciousness of Mother Earth. It is a project utilizing a multidimensional infrastructure built in the celestial realms, a sacred geometry and living consciousness that is the source of spiritual healing.

“The format of the program is about regular daily healing, up to five days per week. It’s about constantly dipping into a very real sacred space, where your spiritual heart center already engages with the celestial realms. This is the gateway where humanity is connected to its cosmic nature.

“Daily dropping into the sacred space is what we refer to as healing. It is attunement, transmission, activation, metamorphosis. It is a place of remembering.

“In this space, the Supreme Divine is the goal.”

— Matthew

Is The Enlightening Program For You?
  • This program may be for you if you have a spiritual practice, but feel something more is needed to attain your spiritual goals.
  • This program is for those who see awakening, not only as their heart’s desire, but as their heart’s responsibility.
  • It is for you if you see your awakening, not as something separate from why you are here on earth, but as the purpose of why you are here.
  • This program is for you if your deepest desires are awakening, embodying, acting, and serving.
The Program Format *

The heart of The Enlightening Program is 4-5 Live Daily Healings per week (Monday through Thursday, and sometimes Friday). The specific number of calls will depend upon the energy support being provided.

The Live Daily Healings will be via telegathering. The codes to connect will be available on the website. You can click on a link to listen online, or dial in on the phone.

Occasionally, when Matthew is in retreat or ceremony, he will select the most powerful calls from the preceding months and offer them as live events for the week. We will announce these weeks in advance.

Regarding replays: Replays for the 5 most recent telegatherings will be available on the website page. You are welcome to enjoy these healings as you wish.

It is not necessary to listen to every healing to receive the full energetic benefits. The daily call format is here to help you cultivate a regular relationship with what is highest and most important. But if listening to all the calls doesn’t fit into your routine, you can still enjoy the benefits if you listen to an average of two calls per week. Think of the program like a powerful river current. When you receive two or more healings per week, it allows you to swim in alignment with the current.

* Matthew reserves the right to evolve the structure of the program at any time based on the guidance he receives.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • If I miss a meeting, will a replay be available?
    Yes. Audio replays of the 5 most recent Daily Healings will be available for you to listen to.
  • Is listening to the replay recordings as powerful as attending the live calls?
    The replay recordings contain the full energetic potency of the live calls. The main difference between attending live and listening to the replays is the added value provided by the group dialing in together.
  • Do I need to listen to all of the calls per week to receive the full benefit of the program?
    No, it is not necessary to listen to all of the calls each week. However, regularity is necessary. As long as you can consistently listen to at the least two calls per week, you should enjoy the full energetic benefits.
Commitment and Cost

Minimum Commitment: An initial commitment of 6 months is required to join The Enlightening Program. Once your 6 months are complete, you may cancel at any time.

If you cancel, your subscription will remain active through the time period already paid for. No full or partial refunds will apply.

Cost: $250 will be billed to your credit card each month (unless you cancel).

Refund Policy: Once a payment is made, it is nonrefundable. If you wish to cancel, you must do so prior to your next payment date. If for any reason MRI concludes the program prematurely, you will be offered a prorated refund for the remainder of your membership commitment.

To register for The Enlightening Program, please click here.

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