Podcast 3: Technology of Consciousness


There are two primary influences that shape our human experience of ourselves, and affect our growth toward our full potential:

  1. The collective consciousness and beliefs of humanity (which currently holds a very limited perspective about what it means to be human).
  2. Our relationship with the higher intelligence that birthed life.

A very small percentage of the technology proliferating in the world today is actually beneficial to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

The recommendation is to unplug from limiting collective beliefs — to develop an intentional, healthy relationship with them, rather than blindly trusting them.


Let’s identify and talk about two of the most powerful, and yet unacknowledged forces that shape human experience — and actually to a high degree, provide a ceiling to our potential (unless we address these factors, these influences).

Everything that opens up to us as we evolve, as we grow into our multidimensional nature — everything; all of its power; all of our higher abilities — require some alignment of our belief system with this higher reality.

In other words, to a degree, if we don’t believe in, or Know (with a capital K), and knowing higher reality, we face a profound uphill battle in waking up to our higher abilities.

This is why, this is one reason why, many of the most powerful influential energy healers of modern day would be categorized in one of two ways: They would be called faith healers, or they would be called indigenous healers. This is because both an indigenous healer and a faith healer have found ways to bypass the influence of current modern collective beliefs.

The faith healer is called a faith healer because their faith in the nature of creation — the reality that creation is consciousness-based and not purely mechanical, mechanistic; their faith in super consciousness (God or higher power) — opens them to that relationship with a higher power.

So for example, if I do not believe that I have a relationship with a friend in my life — I fundamentally believe that that relationship is imaginary or dead in my mind — I will not cultivate that relationship. In fact, I will put no attention on it. And that relationship (for all intents and purposes) will die. It will go dormant.

A faith healer is actively participating in conscious relationship with the higher planes, because they know that these higher planes exist. An indigenous healer, we could say a healer that comes from a culture, doesn’t use the word faith. A healer that comes from a culture that has a direct relationship with life as consciousness — life as conscious; life as aware — this healer, this indigenous healer (perhaps they’re called a shaman or a medicine person), their culture acknowledges life as conscious. And so, the powers of life itself, of the multidimensional realms, and of the individual, of the healer, are alive. They are alive in the fundamental acknowledgement of the way that reality is structured.

So this brings us to the first major influence that shapes our reality, and defines our — not our potential, but really the functional ceiling of our experience — and until we address it and we find a potential beyond what human consensus currently agrees on.

The first major influence is human collective belief. It is modern culture. It is the not-always verbally defined, the set of values and beliefs that our modern culture has. But still, I’m speaking about the beliefs that our modern culture has.

I’ll outline some of them as a means of trying to describe to you that this is the current — like a river current that we have to work with and work through when we are aiming to awaken multidimensionally, when we are aiming even more fundamentally to awaken to Spirit, to the Divine — the Divine Mother.

We know that our modern secular culture has some origin story of our species of life, some origin story of the universe itself as the big bang, the emergence of genes, of single celled organisms from the primordial soup; the almost accidental emergence of consciousness from more complex nervous systems that evolved from the single celled organisms.

And for a few thousand years (we could say more recently), our western culture did indeed have an unhealthy alternative story to this story — the one I’ve just told (the modern, scientific Selfish Gene model).

We had a story, we could say, of a judgmental God, a wrathful God. And in this judgmental dynamic between a heavenly realm and an earthly realm, it had so many problems (this worldview); so many fundamental inaccuracies; so many ways of making us feel fundamentally sick about ourselves and the world, that the modern view that replaced it (this the secular so called scientific worldview) comes as like a relief — the rational; the rational worldview; the enlightenment worldview (not enlightenment in the spiritual sense, but in the scientific revolution sense).

But this worldview has its own severe limitations. Over the last hundreds of years, there has been like an invisible field ( we could say) where human beings have now mythologized themselves and their role in the cosmos as to be like gods. In other words, when we read about ourselves in our history, when we read about our achievements in the sciences, we read about the technologies that we are birthing, it is a history written by us, about us. There is a profound (and very very alarming) arrogance, (hubris), that our modern culture has about itself.

We, as a collective consciousness, as a modern consciousness that is sweeping the globe into this ( we could say) relatively homogenous origin story, and cosmology, and mythology of what it is to be human, as this has happened, we have placed ourselves as the masters of our fate. We have placed ourselves as supreme technicians, able to comprehend and manipulate the structures of nature in such a way that makes us master, and makes nature subservient.

And this worldview (we could say) has squeezed out deeper, more abiding, more humble truths that the ancient traditions and the holy traditions have maintained.

Indeed, the ancient traditions have access to technology — many technologies of consciousness — that our modern culture, at best, could only dream of, and, at worst, would define as fanciful and delusional.

Our modern culture has such a strong story, backed up by the modern religion of scientism — science, not as a process of discovering truth but as a collection of dogma; a scientism that is so strong, that we don’t even recognize that the same issues with belief and hubris that challenged the Christian church, is currently challenging our modern culture, in other words, presenting a profound and even existential challenge.

We could distill it to simply say it is arrogance or hubris. And that would be quite accurate. But the opposite of this hubris, the opposite of this arrogance: what I’m not proposing as an alternative; what the Ascended Masters do not propose as an alternative, is a woeful, ashamed, shameful view of what it is to be human.

To be humble, to be reverent to the consciousness and the intelligence that has birthed life, and that is life itself, actually opens us to an entirely new set of possibilities — the removal of any ceiling of what it is to grow as a human being. It opens us to technologies of consciousness, healing technologies. It opens us to relationships with what we can call the celestial realms. It opens, us as a concrete example, to contrast it with our modern worldview which sees the earth as inanimate; it sees the sun as a gas ball.

In this deeper, more truthful orientation, we behold Mother Earth as a sentient being — as a super consciousness — that is so great as to actually be largely incomprehensible to a human mind, in the same way that a cell in your body would have some difficulty comprehending the great organism that your physiology is (as a collection; as a coherent living collection of trillions of cells).

Mother Earth is this higher order reality, a super consciousness. The doorway beyond death, into the celestial realms, the ascended realms, all of this actually, to even explore as a possibility, requires an understanding that creation is consciousness-based. It is consciousness first. It is a process of consciousness becoming more and more conscious, more and more expressed, more and more aware, with the Divine or Divinity as the supreme awakeness, the supreme expression of consciousness awake to itself.

And so, these are the two primary influences that shape (somewhat innocently) how it is that we perceive ourselves and the, we could say the smoothness of waking up to your multidimensional self, and the powers and the stories hidden in the folds of your consciousness.

What blocks the access — the primary influence that blocks the access to these deeper experiences — is innocent believing the collective story that humanity tells about itself. And to investigate that story very thoroughly — to really understand the hidden assumptions that a scientific modern worldview has about life, and where that doesn’t line up with your instinct, intuition, and wisdom — this is an immensely important exercise. It’s an important opportunity.

When you connect in; when you drop into your heart; when you open to a relationship with the Divine, understand that what I just said is absolute gibberish to a secular, modern worldview.

There is no room for what I just said. There is no room for the realities that the ancients have long perceived. There’s no room for the spiritual perspectives that you have possibly spent a lifetime discovering. And I want to bring this up so that you understand that these things are juxtaposed within the self.

I’m not saying that science is opposed to spirituality. As you know, science and spirituality go beautifully hand in hand. What I’m trying to say is that the modern worldview, which has adopted the vernacular of the scientific for its own ends, its own focus, is not actually, truly scientific. Science is scientific, but the modern worldview is deeply dogmatic. It is as fundamentalist in its mistakes as any fundamentalist religion can be. And that’s what I’m referring to as scientism. It is not only a supreme belief in science (which would be a beautiful thing) but a supreme belief in the conclusions that modern humanity has made based upon certain scientific discoveries.

Again, I am bringing this up so that you can be aware that when you navigate life day to day, that human collective consciousness — this collective belief system — it’s best to unplug from it. It’s best to have healthy relationship to it instead of a blind trust and faith in it.

When you see that (and ultimately it’s innocent) but when you see the conclusions — that not modern science itself has come to, but which human beings have come to using certain discoveries of science — you find that these conclusions are leading humanity down a very difficult path. And it’s creating a crossroads, a fork in the road. And this is the nature of our time. This is the difficulty that we are facing as a species right now.

The opportunity is not only to unplug from this human collective belief system. It is to plug into a deeper relationship with the living ecology, with the recognition that this planetary mother and all of her aspects are sentient — are actually greater than limited human mind; far greater.

The intelligence in a forest, the intelligence in a mountain — and not just the intelligence, but the sentience, the awareness — is humbling and can open you to the miracles of healing; of manifestation; of technologies of consciousness that the higher realms know and the ancient peoples knew, but which our modern worldview has made no room for.

One more note here about human collective consciousness. This is not a criticism of scientific discovery. This is rather about the self-serving conclusions that are inaccurate, that our modern culture has made. Our focus on certain forms of technology means that we are oblivious (completely unaware) to the most powerful forms of technology available to the human being (which come through the heart; the abilities of the deeper self; what consciousness is capable of through you, in other words what your consciousness is capable of). This is the point here.

In our work we are always orienting to realities that human collective consciousness does not acknowledge as real — the Ascended Masters; Divine Mother; Devatas or Archangels; Mother Earth; even your own higher consciousness.

So unplug from this consciousness. Unplug from human collective consciousness. And all this means is: observe and notice the stories that humanity unconsciously tells about itself. Notice that every new technology that proliferates around the world — from communications technology to so-called breakthroughs in pharmacology, to biotechnology — that all of these things are presented as evidence of human brilliance.

That we are doing these things, creating these things, without asking the question “should we”. Is it actually progress? You know my answer and the answer that has been given to me from these higher planes where I sit in communication. This is not progress.

We could say that some of it is progress. But far less than 10% of technology that proliferates around the world is actually beneficial to humanity. And this is because we have been only exploring one branch, one finger, of the technologies that human beings are capable of discovering.

The main ones for you to discover: 1) Awaken through your heart. Your heart is this sensitive instrument that allows you to deepen your relationship with the multidimensional structure of creation, and, 2) to open to those planes, and open to those abilities.

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