Podcast 4: The Power of Your Attention


What you put your attention on is one of the most important things you can monitor. Whatever you put your attention on grows in power and prominence within you.

There is a danger in putting significant attention on the stories that humanity tells itself (i.e. the news, social media, and other technologies that amplify the smallness and ignorance in the world).

When you are intentional about where your attention goes, it is easier to find the subtle values of peace and divinity within. Have your attention on the deeper things that deserve authority within you and your life.

FULL TRANSCRIPT (edited for print):

Today we explore a very interesting topic. It’s the topic of authority.

Wherever we put our attention, the authority of the object of our attention grows. This means authority in the way that we understand that word. For example, someone is an authority. So there is a relationship between the attention that we give to someone or something, and the authority that they or it has.

For example, if we think of a hierarchy of power, we would say at the very top of that hierarchy of power is the highest levels of authority. And I promise this conversation has everything to do with your spirituality and your experience of life — the quality of the experience of life.

This is the danger of putting significant attention on the stories that human beings tell about themselves and each other (i.e. the news, the media, communications technology that amplifies certain narratives).

The more we give our attention to someone or something the more their authority grows, even if we aren’t giving conscious permission for their authority to grow. It grows even if we watch a news program or a movie, and we say “this is silly, this is not true.”

It is a law of nature that as you apply your attention, or even passively absorb through your attention, the authority of where your attention is (that object of attention) is growing — is growing to you and for you.

We could even say that this applies to things we would not think of — for example an object that we own (like a car), or a person we think has less authority than us (like a child). The same law of nature still applies to them in the deeper meaning of authority.

And at the end of this explanation there will be a suggestion — a suggestion from Divine Mother and a suggestion endorsed by the Ascended Masters that sit with us.

You’ve heard the expression, “The more you own something, the more it owns you”, or “The more things you own, the more you are owned by those things.”

If I have a car, I might not think of the car having some authority over me. But for all practical purposes, as much as the car may do for me, if my attention is constantly going to maintaining the car, or admiring the car, or disparaging the car, or whatever it may be, this car is taking an inordinate quantity of authority in my life. It becomes a guiding direction. Having the car influences me in a certain way.

It’s the same thing with a child. We would think that a child doesn’t have authority. The parent does. But ask any parent how much authority their child has, and if they meditate on this understanding of authority (the power that someone or something has), they would acknowledge that the child holds a lot of power; a lot of influence; a lot of authority.

And so what this means is: Where your attention goes is one of the most important things you can monitor in your life. Wherever your attention goes, the power of the object of your attention is growing — the power that it has in relationship to you.

So for example if someone says “I’m just wanting to be informed about the world,” and they are on their phone, reading, learning, the source of information, whether they are disparaging it, they believe in it, they don’t believe in it, they’re honoring it. Whatever it is, that source of information that you’re giving your attention to is growing in prominence within. It’s growing in power.

So, this is why there is such a battle (a war) for your attention — whether it is a child that wants your attention, or it is an advertisement, government messaging, or a news outlet. Understand that your attention, anyone’s attention, is the single most powerful available commodity on Earth right now — your attention; human attention.

When you understand this, you begin to recognize that if you are not valuing your attention and where it is going (because of the relationship between attention and authority), you can create a dynamic that makes it very difficult to find deep peace within; to find Divine Mother; perceive and be in a conscious relationship with the multi-dimensional realms; and to be with and see the Ascended Masters. This occurs because authority has been given to a collective consciousness, a collective belief system. This is potentially very harmful to rapid inner growth.

Consciousness and attention are somewhat synonymous. When I say that your consciousness is the most powerful commodity, (the most valuable commodity from the perspective of the world’s economy), you have to protect your consciousness; You have to protect it; You have to understand the power of your consciousness, your attention. When your attention goes someplace, even without permission being given, a quality of authority is granted to the object of your attention.

Divine Mother says: Have your attention on truly authoritative things.

Divine Mother says: Mother Earth (the supreme planetary being): Having your attention here is to develop a relationship with a truly higher power. This means having your attention on the sentient being, on the great mother herself.

Just as it’s not enough just to sit with a loved one and not acknowledge their being (instead just seeing them as a sack of skin and bones and organs), so it is not enough to walk in a park, swim in an ocean, sit in a forest, and have your attention on the objects around you as if they are inanimate.

Have your attention on deeper things right now.

Divine Mother says: Have your attention on your relationship with the Divine and the Divine’s relationship with you.

Divine Mother says: You see, I love you in a supreme way. Supreme means absolute. Supreme means all powerful.

When you have your attention oriented to this supreme level of reality (of existence), beings that had authority before fade away — authority figures, sources of partial knowledge, media, governments. You behold the transient nature of this authority. And what took up most of your consciousness before, now takes up very little of it.

Divine Mother says: When you have your attention on your relationship with divinity, the smaller things in life appear as their actual size. Even great events that shake a community (that could otherwise devastate an individual, rock them, overwhelm them), these things no longer have that authority. This is because your attention is on the cultivation of unconditional love. And your attention is not only on becoming unconditionally loving, but of on receiving unconditional love.

Divine Mother says: Right now the landscape of collective consciousness is (as if) perfectly designed to withhold the authority of the Divine — the power of the Divine. Why? It’s because the Divine is quiet. It is not clamoring for your attention. It is not claiming authority.

When you have your attention in these smaller pockets, it can appear — while you are enchanted by what you were seeing — that all of life is contained in a very small area of the mind.

Divine Mother says: But your relationship with the Divine prepares you for all things. It sees as inevitable the birth of planets and the dissolution of them. It even sees as inevitable the birth of devatas and laws of nature, and the dissolution (or rather the evolution) of them.

Divine mother says: This is not the time to be paying attention to the profound ignorance of the world. Because when you pay attention to the ignorance, without your permission it has authority — perhaps not to your critical mind, but to your more innocent body and nervous system.

So be aware of this: that your attention is sacred. And this is why we sit together in this way — to orient to that which is truly important, and orient to that which has ultimate authority.

Divine Mother says: But the Divine is so gentle. It doesn’t advertise. It doesn’t clamor for you.

Divine Mother says: I am here in all of my forms, and I love you.

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