Podcast 7: Solution For a Better World


The major focus of humanity on earth is currently the development and deployment of technology for personal gain. What humanity is not focused on is developing human potential, both multidimensionally and spiritually.

Consequently, we are living in a great technological age, but we lack the wisdom to use these powerful tools purely for good. These technologies are not creating the better world we seek.

Human spiritual awakening is the obvious and only solution. And human collective consciousness is the greatest obstacle to achieving this.

The recommendation is to bring your attention away from the collective dialogue of humanity, and instead have it on the domain of consciousness. This is a lively gateway, structured into the nature of your physiology, that will empower your awakening and help you evolve.

FULL TRANSCRIPT (lightly edited for clarity):

Most of reality is hidden from view, because human collective consciousness does not apply its attention to most of reality. It’s not a lack of ability. It’s a lack of wisdom; a lack of knowing where to put one’s attention.

Human consciousness is immensely capable; it’s immensely powerful. But we don’t want to mistake the current structure of society and the technologies that we’ve developed as the pinnacle of our human evolution. Instead, we want to see the current quality of our technological mastery — digital technology, certain nuclear technology, insight into biology, etc. — as a facet of understanding.

The real accomplishment of human consciousness thus far is in the domain of spirituality. And there’s no question that this is true.

The proof is that the way we utilize modern technology is far more important than the technology itself. For example, right now we have nuclear technology, and we use it in an arms race. And we are also capable of using it as energy for human function.

We have all of these technologies, but we do not have the wisdom yet to wield them. Does what I’m saying make sense to you?

What good is a technology? What good is so-called progress — cars, factories, countless ways in which we are forming our planet — if they is not used for good? Sometimes they are used for good.

The domain of the good is where human consciousness needs to place more of its attention. And this is the accomplishments of human spirituality.

Right now we have the necessary technologies on earth to live in perfect planetary harmony, for everyone to have what they need, and for the heartbeat of the mother, the heartbeat of this planet, to be a central pillar of experience.

We have the technology — not the wisdom, but the technology — for every human being on earth to be appropriately provided for. And being provided for in these essential ways means that consciousness, an individual’s consciousness (which is so sacred), could become the playground for each and every individual. Your consciousness could be the playground of the good; of the love that is within you.

Human attention has not been on the development of spiritual abilities and capacities. Human attention has not been on perceiving and understanding the reality we are connected to — the multidimensional structure of creation and the fact that our consciousness is capable of directly experiencing these multidimensional realms; the help that we have available to us in the ascended (celestial) realms; the great guides and teachers of the holy traditions.

Because human attention is instead on the development and deployment of technology (with the focus on personal gain), we are in a fearful consciousness. Everyone is operating in a strange way — with their focus primarily on personal gain — in the face of so much uncertain fear.

So knowing that we’ve developed the necessary technologies, it shows that the technologies themselves are neither the core problem, nor the core solution to the issue of being human.

The greatest ability that a human being has is found in the domain of their spirituality and the development of their consciousness. And this is why technology will not save us. External technologies will not create the better world we are seeking. Instead human awakening, spiritual development, is the obvious only solution.

Seen from this lens, it is obvious that spiritual growth, human spirituality, is the sole solution. Because otherwise we will find ways of developing new technologies. And even if those new technologies are developed for so-called good, it doesn’t mean they will be deployed in a good way (in a way that is universally healing). Said succinctly, we have exponential technologies but we do not have the wisdom to match.

Exponential wisdom is the domain of spirituality. The development we are talking about here in this work, in the domain of spiritual development, is finding where consciousness, awareness, awakening, enlightening become of primary importance. It is where all or most of the energy is devoted to this, because we find that this is what brings us genuine peace, joy, and personal happiness. And it empowers us to help our loved ones.

We’ve laid out this discussion oriented to external technologies (bio technologies, agricultural technologies, nuclear technologies, and digital technologies), because this is the focus of modern collective consciousness. And we acknowledge that human collective consciousness has hijacked itself. We haven’t been hijacked by technology; we’ve hijacked ourselves, because we have created these technologies.

Human collective consciousness (in many ways) is in such a state of spiritual crisis. To orient to human collective consciousness is to orient to the loudest screaming wail of suffering. The depth of suffering that human collective consciousness is experiencing right now is far greater than the suffering of any individual.

So imagine the deepest suffering that you have ever experienced. And then take that suffering and imagine it to be of an exponentially greater quality and quantity. I don’t say that to bring forward a horrible image. I say that to open the heart with empathy to the fact that we cannot treat human collective consciousness as the villain in this story.

Instead, we have to see human collective consciousness as innocent in its own play. It doesn’t know better. Collectively we don’t know better.

Individually, we can know better. And to bring your attention away from unconscious participation in the collective shared dialogue of humanity right now, and to apply your attention to the domains of consciousness that humanity is collectively not attending to, is the most beautiful way forward for you to liberate yourself and for you to bring liberation to the people.

That was a long-winded discussion of the lay of the land right now. Understand there is your consciousness, there is human consciousness, and there is our ability to generate technology and create technological breakthroughs. But this pales in comparison to the value and need for spiritual development — which is the greatest achievement of humanity thus far. And let’s not pooh-pooh it, because the love that we are capable of is extraordinary.

Where does humanity currently have its attention regarding spirituality? What is it doing right? And what can you do better, or we do better as we individually grow, and then find communities to grow?

First, what humanity is aiming to do is incorporate some spirituality into its life collectively, specifically in the West. We see movements focusing on meditation and the power of consciousness for manifestation into being. We see these themes: the power of your attention; meditate to strengthen your consciousness to reduce stress; learn to focus on what it is that you want in order to manifest the reality you’re looking for; do good acts (karma yoga). The best of Christianity does this beautifully as well — service to others. So we understand that these things are not dormant in collective consciousness.

The challenge is that right now, (because we live in a global economy, in a collective consciousness that sees everything as part of the field of commerce), spirituality has become commercialized. And this means that people are seeking spirituality to cope in the world they believe to be true — the domain of human collective consciousness. In fact, spirituality is to help you observe, witness, and then lovingly exit the illusions of the stories that humanity tells about the nature of reality. It is to bypass the stories that humanity tells about reality (which masquerade as reality) and move into witnessing those stories, and being in a place of abiding love. This is spiritual awakening.

What we have is the hidden context (or sometimes the not-hidden context) that practicing meditation is, for example: just to cope with the stress that we’re experiencing; to manage the difficulties; to calm the mind; to be able to accomplish more. With a sharper intellect we can do better in school, we can achieve more in this collective story of progress that we are sharing, which is what human collective consciousness is.

We can learn about the power of manifestation. But the way it’s popularized is: “Good. Now manifest exactly what you want. You have the ability to manifest anything you want in life. So manifest cars, and homes, and money and perfect health with your attention.”

That’s not to say that there is not value in this. It’s just to say that we actually don’t have the ability to manifest “anything we want”, because consciousness itself is immensely complex and we are a part of a field of consciousness. By the time we actually developed the ability to manifest anything that we wanted, we would no longer be trying to manifest material objects. It’s a humorous thing to try to apply the laws of nature that govern manifestation to the manifestation of material objects. It’s not where we have much leverage.

The point is that We are trying. Humanity is trying. And there needs to be a shift.

There are a few gateways that we want to talk about today, These are places where you can have your attention that humanity would say is absolutely insane. And that means we’re on the right track! And I say that tongue-in-cheek.

But the point is, when you behold human civilization, it is very elegant. But isn’t there quite a bit of insanity: so much material power, so much suffering? That’s a very good definition of insanity — having the ability to make great change, but not having the will. That’s insanity.

We will speak briefly about a few places we want to have our attention. These three places are:

  1. The Divine (specifically Divine Mother)
  2. The ascended realms, celestial realms (specifically the great elders of the holy traditions, the Ascended Masters)
  3. This planetary being that we are part of (the sentient being that is Mother Earth)

If you were to approach an individual that represented the dominant narrative of what reality is, and you said, “I an going to devote a significant amount of my attention to cultivating profound heart-consciousness in a loving relationship with my ego and my interior states. And I’m going to develop an active relationship with the Supreme Divine, the Ascended Masters of the holy traditions, and Mother Earth,” at best they would probably look at you funny.

1) The Divine. We began today in a meditation. We began in a meditation just noticing the divine presence, noticing Divine Mother. We use the term Divine Mother, not because the Supreme Divine is only mother, but because mother (the energy of loving mother) is such a natural and intuitive (often overlooked) way into experiencing unconditional love.

Divine Mother says that the first way most people experience the Divine (Divine Consciousness) is as Mother Divine. So that is a very good way in. And then Divine Mother shows you Divinity and helps you to become Divinity (Divine Presence, Divine Being, Divine Love, Divine Stillness, Divine Care, Divine Father, Divine Child, Divine Lover).

In the meditation, we spoke about how sometimes our consciousness (either through intention and practice, or through grace) experiences “itself” as expanded, loving, unidentified with any point (in unity with all). We have the fullness of the cosmos in the field of our consciousness. But the Divine also loves us so much that she can make herself accessible, here with us lively — small enough to fit in your heart and big enough to expand your heart to infinity.

This is relationship with unconditional love. This is having ongoing dialogue and attention with unconditional love. Have your attention on the Divine. And if you’re wondering what the Divine is, or it’s feeling overshadowed by our perverted stories of God in a modern sense, come back to unconditional love. Decide to have your attention on a relationship with unconditional love. That does not mean you have to be unconditionally loving. It simply means to have your attention on your relationship with Divine Mother.

Whatever skills I have cultivated in this capacity, it is just an example. All of us have this direct need and responsibility to become emissaries of Divine Love. The goal of humanity should be to have a spiritual healer in every household. It should not be a few spiritual healers that people flock to or gather around in order to receive healing. Because we all have equal access to Spirit. We are all made of the same Spirit.

Have your attention here and recognize that human collective consciousness is an obstacle to developing this capacity. This is because human collective consciousness would say that it’s imagination.

2) The Ascended Masters. This is why we gather in this satsang. We invite the great ones, the elders, the guides, into these relationships with us directly — first in the power of a group and the power of what we’re doing here. It often amplifies what feels subtle, but it’s actually not subtle at all. To say that the ascended realms or the celestial realms (which are synonymous terms) are subtle, is actually not correct. They feel subtle, because the sense perception of these realms has atrophied in our modern consciousness.

To maintain connection to these great elders, to these great teachers, is actually to open ourselves to technologies for healing, for health. And it is a technology (in and of itself) just to sit in the healing presence of these elders. In the same way, if you had a great elder in your life living down the road, and she invited you into her home. And if you could just sit and feel her presence and maybe a few of her words. You should do that on a regular basis.

Having your attention on the reality of these relationships — not like a distant prayer, but on a participatory direct dynamic — this is where the attention should be. The more you do so, the more it is strengthened. And what feels at first like the domain of imagination, is eventually shown not to be imagination at all. It feels like imagination because that part of the mind has atrophied collectively. But soon you discover (like through the mist) that what you thought was wishful or hopeful is actually a living, breathing reality that you are a part of. It’s not just that it’s a part of you, it’s that you are a part of this reality and you always have been. So cultivate that. Bring your attention there. That’s what our work is all about. What technologies of consciousness come through the gateways, the portals of the very innate structure of your mind is already multidimensional. Your mind is already multidimensional.

3) Mother Earth. Cultivate a conscious relationship with the planetary being. At first, it may not feel natural. But many things don’t feel natural if you haven’t been in the habit of doing them. It is very natural. And right now Mother Earth (as a sentient field of consciousness and love consciousness) is one of the most powerful concentrated resources available for your personal awakening. So take time in conscious relationship and communion with her. This is the suggestion.

These are very actionable things you can do.

  • Unplug from collective consciousness
  • Orient to the Divine
  • Orient to the Ascended Masters
  • Orient to the planetary being

And these aren’t final destinations. Even Divine Mother is not a final destination. All of these are lively gateways structured into the very nature of your physiology that will empower your awakening and help your physiology and consciousness to evolve.

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