Mentorship Resources

Leah Bordow (503) 984-7590
Margaret Cowhig (360) 305-7139
Lex Giorgio (505) 699-9885
Robert Greenfield (301) 404-3791
Lynardia Groubert (702) 591-9345
Angela Lynch (510) 759-9994
Wendy Martin (760) 331-8611
Carol Miseo-Hardin (512) 694-1918
Lynda Newman (510) 449-1783

Partner Practice:

If you would like to do a partner practice with someone before the retreat, please notify Nancy at

Partner Practice Guidelines

  • We are here to listen deeply and be present with each other.
  • We don’t comment on each other’s experiences or answer each other’s questions.
  • When your partner finishes, simple say “thank you”.
  • What takes place during partner practice is private. We don’t mention what took place to anyone else.

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