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Transcript: You Are a Multidimensional Being

TRANSCRIPT (edited for clarity):

We speak a lot about modern human collective consciousness. We speak a lot about the unprecedented effect of billions of human beings on the Earth, on a single human physiology. Human beings are more like bees in a hive than we recognize.

Imagine your body as being like a honey bee that is used to being in a hive with a few hundred other bees. And maybe it was in a forest with many hundreds of other hives. But in rapid time, it is as if you (as a honey bee) are in a hive with billions of other bees. Perhaps there are millions or more hives on earth now it is like one hive. The population of bees has proliferated and mysteriously there’s less honey than before. Imagine how that would affect the intelligence and the navigational systems of a bee.

You don’t have to imagine it, because you’re living it. But because we don’t have Rishis from the past commenting on the present, there’s very little insight or understanding of this reality. Most wisdom that has been cognized over the millennia was cognized in very different circumstances where human collective consciousness was radically different — the density of it, the concentration of it, the quality of it.

And now it is as if we not only have billions of bees in our hive, but we have distorting mirrors scattered — perhaps more mirrors than then we have bees. And these images distort what we see of ourselves and what we see in others. This is digital technology. This is digital communication.

Communication is one of the profound capacities of consciousness. Communication, we could say, is the first expression of relationship. And relationship is the source energy that gives rise to creation. The Vedas talk about consciousness knowing itself. We could say that consciousness is relating to itself, ultimately communicating with itself as it grows, and then ultimately communicating with itself as Love. That is Divinity. That is your highest nature.

But we have not yet evolved in this realm to that highest nature. Nature is calling to us through our hearts — through Divine Mother in our heart. There is no barrier except perhaps some blockages in physiology, with the dynamic that our remarkable, but very challenged, physiologies and minds are experiencing. Just be in that. Just recognize that.

All of the ancient wisdom is timeless — the understanding of how consciousness develops and the subtle physiology and how it is built. But there is so much change in the environment (there’s so much novelty) that although the spiritual principles still deeply apply today, they have to be adapted to today’s circumstances — to what we are going through.

This is why we speak of human collective consciousness so often. What we are trying to emphasize is that radical times sometimes require radical responses. If we want to frame it this way, we could say radical problems can require radical solutions. So we want to establish a deeply conscious and cautious relationship with collective consciousness (collective belief), because it will masquerade as reality. It will stop us from investigating the doorways that open to direct reality.

So we understand that collective consciousness has always been a powerful force, but currently it is unprecedented in its potency. And then you add its amplification and distortion. It’s like a rock concert in a rocky canyon. Imagine the sound echoing, the acoustics, just creating wave upon wave. And so what might have been a great concert becomes a cacophony of confusion. I speak in these bold and direct ways and I do not mean to fear monger, nor is this something to fear. It’s something to be aware of. And it’s not even the point of today’s discussion
We talked about radical solutions. Try this on. You may enjoy this.

I posit that you are a multidimensional being that has incarnated from the celestial realms. The celestial realms are built upon this realm. Creation is a spectrum of consciousness. It’s consciousness knowing itself.

And this realm (this development of awareness of nervous system, of cognitive capacity, of technology, all of this) ultimately births (in the subtle structures of consciousness) higher dimensional realities. This is what the celestial realms are. They are higher-vibrational realities.

In these realms, you have already awakened, you are already a multidimensional being. You are a divine soul on a journey. Your highest expression is this divinity.

But on the journey, love has a function. I believe that you awakened to Love a long time ago. We use the word time as if it’s linear, but just imagine that you could have awakened to Love a long time ago, beyond the dynamics of time and space.

Love expresses itself as care, as compassion. When love is full and self-referral it naturally expands. It goes to the places where there is a lack of love. This is the idea of light flooding and illuminating the darkness. Light and Love. Do you sign your emails Love and Light? What you’re saying is Love and Love or Light and Light. It’s the same thing. It’s like two sides of one coin — energy and awareness.

You awakened as this celestial being. You became a spiritual elder on earth. Perhaps it was elsewhere, but most likely it was here on earth. And as you awakened, you ascended. Ascension is the process of consciousness moving between domains, or between established realities. You ascended. You are essentially an ascended elder.
What does it mean that you are an Ascended elder? You are full of Love.

And what does Christ teach? What does the Buddha teach? Just the fact that they teach all should be the indicator. They don’t just withdraw into their greatness and dissolve into the universe. Many of these beings (you among them) are inspired to participate in the conscious healing of that same river of growth that you have journeyed on.

And it’s not to say that your journey is done as a multidimensional being. Divine Mother says that even her journey is just beginning. But it is to say that just like a grandparent realizes that it is their opportunity, their joy to take care of the next generations, so the Ascended realms (certain lineages and traditions within the ascended realms) understand that they don’t have a choice. Love makes the choice for them. They care. And they move back into the wave of incarnation.

Now this opens up a lot of worthy topics of discussion. And hopefully we’ll get into those in the future. For example, if you incarnate in a physiology and you are a soul or a being co-creating a life with a human lineage, what of karma? Or what of the patterns of action? How do these dynamics of karma meld together? How powerful are we in this realm? How co-creative are we?

Certainly we are not infinitely co-creative, because here in this realm, you can behold evolution. You can behold nature’s growth. You can behold the evolution of plants and trees, and even the entire planet. You can behold the evolution of individual human beings, and also entire cultures. This is nature’s creativity naturally moving. So when you incarnate from this free place (where your consciousness is very expanded) you will experience the density.

It’s almost like you’re feeling nice and calm, you see that mountain stream that looks beautiful, and you jump in and the water is 33 degrees. And the shock to the nervous system overwhelms the memory, even the sense of self. The identity is not present in that turbulence. So it can take time to re-center. And like a good cold plunge, it is ultimately immensely healing.

So, you’ve incarnated. You have taken this body. (I offer this to you to sit with, to understand.) This does not in any way deny the importance, and the beauty, and the profundity of the lineage that you are a part of. (And I don’t mean the multidimensional lineage, although you have that — star lineages and different planes and different realities.) But what I mean is this human lineage — your ancestors, your parents, and your grandparents.

As you incarnate in the body, what you do in this time and space is an opportunity to bring love, and healing, and revelation to all of humanity around you, and to all of the generations back (specifically, your family and the lineage of your family).

So the idea that we want to transcend and evolve in order to move beyond (or escape) the intensity and trauma of our lineage, is not quite complete, especially when we consider what fully-awakened beings do. They come back to bring love to the lineages. They see in a similar way to going into your heart and sitting with your inner child (an earlier stage of you). And then you say, “I know sweetheart. You didn’t understand this circumstance. But I am here now and I am bringing love.” The way that you do that is a form of multidimensional time travel, but to a much more cosmic degree. The same thing takes place through the process of evolution and so-called enlightenment.

So you’ve come to this place, and you didn’t come alone. You absolutely are, for example Molly or Joe. And you absolutely do not want to deny the Molly or Joe that you are. I don’t want to deny the Matthew that I am, the parents that I have, and the rich human experience that I have. There is no condescension or looking down upon those things.

But I also begin to discover that I can remember these dimensions of consciousness. And this is the great beauty of today. Scripture rightly describes the process of conscious evolution (the growth toward higher states of consciousness) as being a very long process. Consider the difference between how difficult it is to learn something for the first time and how comparatively easy it is to remember it. So, if you have learned something, but then have forgotten it, the process of remembering can be far smoother and instantaneous than the process of learning it for the first time. And evolution is like that.

You are here as a multidimensional being incarnated as a human being. And the circumstances of today are exceptional — truly unprecedented. When Divine Mother talks about unprecedented, she means ‘virtually’ unprecedented — unprecedented here on earth for all intents and purposes.

Yes. human collective consciousness, modern consciousness will not have a central home for this perspective. But the collective consciousness of the ascended realms is available to you. And ultimately we want this to be one fully woven reality. No disconnect, just love, just a whole experience.

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