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These beautiful pendants support your experience of the enlightening, nourishing frequencies of Mother Earth. Wear them to bring clarity and awareness to your body and your mind. Each pendant is hand-made and available in gold or copper.

Ground and Harmonize Mind and Emotions

Ground and Harmonize

Mind and Emotions

Crystal Earth Pendants directly access the field of evolutionary energies generated through the Grid Project. The geometries of the metalwork are designed both to protect the purity of the crystal and heighten its conductive abilities to engage and reflect the frequencies of the Crystal Earth Grid. Wearing a Crystal Earth Pendant:

  • Naturally aligns and orients the physiology to the stabilizing energies of Mother Earth (rather than humanity’s volatile collective consciousness)
  • Helps you metabolize the new multidimensional cosmic energies now available through our planet’s crystalline grid
  • Harmonizes mind and heart, supporting more heart based action and refinement of subtler perception

All of the crystals used in the Crystal Earth Pendants and Crystal Earth Seeds are fair-trade sourced from the same crystal field in Brazil. By sourcing each crystal from the same field, a heightened energetic compatibility is created between all of the Pendants and Seeds. No human programming of the crystals is involved. These crystal are simply broadcasters of our planet’s own enlightening energy.

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Cost: $150.00 for standard copper -or- $250.00 for 22k gold
(NOTE: chain not included; shipping and handling extra; Insurance included with shipping.)

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Return / Refund Policy Product must be returned within 30 days of original purchase; must be unused and in original box. A $20 service fee will be deducted from the refund amount to cover our costs.

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