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The Crystal Earth Initiative has been working to establish a powerful grid using Crystal Earth Seeds. Planted 2-3 feet below ground in more than 40 sacred locations around the world, these Seeds connect to earth’s existing crystalline grid and link energetically with each other. Through this technology, the Crystal Earth Grid Project is helping align the collective consciousness of humanity with the nurturing and stabilizing intelligence of the Earth.

Aligning Human Consciousness with Earth Consciousness

For most of recorded history humanity has lived in concert with Mother Earth, innocently in sync with the planet’s natural rhythms and energies. However, recent technological advances have inadvertently disconnected many people from the nourishing energies of the Earth.

The Crystal Earth Grid Project works to bridge the widening gap between the rising consciousness of the Earth and the challenged collective consciousness of humanity. The Crystal Earth Grid acts as a tuning fork to align the magnetic, volatile, and polarized band of human consciousness (8 billion people connected via the internet) with balancing, stabilizing, and healing Earth frequencies.

Establishing the Crystal Earth Grid

The Grid Project is planting Crystal Earth Seeds in places of rare earth purity and potency. Planted two to three feet below ground, these Seeds connect into the earth’s existing crystalline grid and link with each other energetically. The unique design of the Seeds engages, amplifies and makes enlightening planetary frequencies more accessible to the human physiology. The more Seeds that are planted, the more powerful the effect and benefit for humanity.

Over the past few years, more than 40 Crystal Earth Seeds have been planted in places of significant planetary power, including in the Himalayas, the Andes, Israel’s Mt. Carmel, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Haleakala, Australia, Sedona and the Tetons.

In addition, two “Temple Seeds” (10 times larger than the Crystal Earth Seeds) are installed at the Crystal Earth Temple Complex in Northern New Mexico. The Temple Seed sited above ground engages the rare cosmic energies of Crystal Mesa to supercharge the evolutionary frequencies of the Crystal Earth Grid. The Temple Seed installed below ground is sited on a convergence of significant global ley lines. This installation, ten feet beneath the earth’s surface in a limestone chamber with copper, gold and specific geometries, further strengthens the Crystal Earth Grid’s benefits for humanity.

Blessings of Cultural & Indigenous Leaders

Over the last decades it has been the great fortune of this project to receive inspiration, guidance, and encouragement from champions of many cultural traditions. Native Eastern and Western seers have offered consistent insights of the timeliness and significance of this project.

Seed Plantings Around the World

Individuals and groups from all walks of life have participated in creating the Crystal Earth Grid. To date, 40 pilgrimages have taken place to locations of personal meaning and planetary significance for the purpose of installing this multidimensional technology. See the map below for locations of Seed plantings.

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