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Video: Attention on Solutions and Love

Minimize your participation in the resistance to ignorance. Recognize that it has its place, but is not your central power. Your central power is in your heart.


It is important to consider the state of collective consciousness, and your relationship to it.

When we look closely at collective consciousness, we realize that humanity is operating within stories and beliefs that are not only painful, but generate pain.

It is natural to desire to become part of a resistance to the darkness in order to bring in the light. However, there is a more effective way to accomplish this.

There is a saying, “What you put your attention on grows.” Having your attention on solutions rather than on the problems is a much more powerful way to realize results.

Humanity will awaken through new communities of shared solutions-based perspectives. Start now by coming together in small groups and using the power of group attention for loving outcomes and healing.

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