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A Meditation on Awe

Stop. Be still. Listen.

There is an intelligence that you are connected to. This intelligence is sentient and wise.

It has lived far longer than you have. It sees through you, your history, and your culture. It is older than culture. It is older than humanity.

At first, this intelligence may feel like it resides within you. This feeling is fine.

It actually resides all around you. You reside within it.

A hand is not an aspect of a finger. A finger is an aspect of a hand.

An ocean is not an aspect of a wave. A wave is an aspect of an ocean.

This intelligence is not an aspect of a human being. A human being is an aspect of this intelligence.

It is not a part of you. You are a part of it.

This intelligence is so infinitely intelligent, it has manifested into countless nodes of intelligence.

To honestly engage with this intelligence can be a fearsome process. It reminds you of your fragility and your temporariness. It reminds you of eternity, and that ‘you’ — aspects of your identity and personality — are not eternal. But that ‘You’ — your nature and your consciousness — are.

This is awe. This is reverence. This is humility.

It is available, always, simply by striving to see reality as clearly as possible.

There is such a thing as a healthy ‘fear’ of God. It is called awe. 

This fear that some ancient traditions speak of is: a powerful feeling of abyss-like unknown that opens in the presence of the infinite.

At first, we project a fear onto this boundless reality. Our imagination assumes the worst.

But with growth, we discover it is nothing to fear. In fact, it is something to love, because it is love.

When you see reality with clarity, you behold an unsolvable mystery. It is beautiful beyond descriptors. It is unity beheld spontaneously, even as duality continues on its merry way. Reality was never hiding. You were just not truly looking in the right place.

What is the right place to look? Everywhere. Literally. Not everywhere as in any place, but everywhere as in every place. The sum total of every place: this is Reality. Contemplate this.

Your heart is the most reliable place of physiology to interface with this intelligence, in the same way that aiming for the bullseye is the most reliable way to hit the target.

To be in touch with this awe is the foundation of wisdom.

To be in touch with this awe helps you to answer this question:

“I can do that thing… but should I do that thing?”

In its totality, Reality is invincible. But in duality, it has manifested as trillions of different points of vulnerability and specialness.

In its juvenile stage of development, humanity is collectively saying, “Let’s do that thing we can do.”

What we are not appreciating collectively is: we are the trillions of different points of vulnerability and specialness.

Only by doing the things it should do will humanity thrive in this next era.

We live in the age of exponential technology.

Can we discover the age of exponential wisdom?

This is our sole job. Become wise.

Awe — reverence, humility — is the spontaneous experience of perceiving reality.

Wisdom requires Awe.

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