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Audio: Your Heart Awaits You

Invite yourself into your spiritual heart — the region of the heart; the space between the pelvic floor and the crown of the head. Because something dwells here.


with Matthew Reifslager


Your heart has the potential to show you a truth, beauty, and clarity about life that your ego — your mind, emotions, and beliefs — can’t understand.

Your heart has the power to awaken, educate, and evolve the structure of your ego relatively quickly.

You know you are starting to experience heart-consciousness when two things are present: 1) you are witnessing or observing your ego rather than identifying with it, and 2) the witness value is naturally loving, caring, and kind.

Once you are established in your heart, the superpowers of your full human potential are activated. It is from your heart that you can step into all of your greatness.

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